Paws4Thought -       PET SITTING SERVICE
Paws 4 Thought provides a pet sitting service for cats and kittens.  Usually customers with cats prefer the Paws 4 Thought Cat Visiting Service, when we visit once or twice a day. Paws 4 Thought Pet Sitting Charges 
House & Pet Sitting Service - Paws 4 Thought is able to offer very competitive rates because we are not a franchise.

We charge £34.00 per calendar day for the full House & Pet Sitting Service.  There are no hidden charges, the initial courtesy visit, by myself, is free of charge, as is key collection, and key return.  
The full House & Pet Sitting Service is a popular choice for customers with dogs, or households with multiple Pets. Unlike other pet sitters, Paws4Thought provides a live in service, including overnight stay & day care, in your own home, giving your pets maximum company.

Early booking is advisable, & for this a non refundable 25% deposit is required, if you decide to book us, to secure the booking. 

For more information about Paws 4 Thought Pet & House Sitting Service, simply fill in the online form by clicking on the "Contact Us" button to the left of this page.

                   Paws4Thought Cat Visiting 

This is the purrfect choice for Cat Lovers! (couldn't resist the pun).  It is a well known fact that Cats love their creature comforts, and are territorial.  They are much happier kept in their own environment.  Again, we offer the Cat Visiting Service at a competitive price, there is no charge for the initial courtesy visit, key collection, and key return is free of charge.  There is also no mileage charge for clients within a 5 mile radius of Worcester. 

The fee for Cat Visiting is £15.00 for 2 visits per day and £10.00 for 1 visit. There is no extra charge for changing cat litter, and up to 3 cats are included in the price.

                                     Small Animal Care 

Whether you have guinea pigs, mice, rats, gerbils, or other  small animals, we can help.  The charge is £10.00 per visit, and there is no mileage charge within a 10 mile radius of Worcester. 
We have also looked after Pets, other than companion animals, including sheep, goats, horses, ponies & small holdings. For this, please ask, Jane, for a personalised quote.

If you do wish to inquire, please either fill in the online form, email me, text, or telephone me, just click on the "Contact Us" Page, on the left hand side of this page, I look forward to hearing from you, 
We are happy to accept cheques, cash payments & bacs payments.