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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year
Paws4Thought House Sitting
Paws4Thought House Sitting Service
Paws4Thoughts getting busy
Cat Visiting Service


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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Seasons Greetings to existing Paws4Thought customers,  & new ones! We've got lots of mouths to feed over the next couple of weeks, dogs, cats, gheckoes & rats! 

Paws4Thought House Sitting

Just finished a long weekend house sit in Worcester, 2 lovely little Westies.  It's fascinating to study the different breeds. And, surprisingly, we tend to have certain breeds that perhaps aren't suited to boarding kennels. Just this year alone, we've had the pleasure of taking care of Staffies, Wheatland Terriers, French Bull Dogs, Springers, cockers,  Labs, Great Danes, & of course loads of Heinz'57s!

Paws4Thought House Sitting Service

We're house sitting 3 beautiful Staffies & Jessica, the cat, at present.  No wonder some call them "happy staffies", they are such happy little characters. They thrive on human company & affection, & lift your spirits when you've had a bad day! They certainly are keeping us amused! 

Paws4Thoughts getting busy

We're getting ready for a busy few weeks!  Today I'm looking after "Tess" a regular furry customer whilst her "Mom" visits the Malvern show. Then we're spending the weekend in Wyre Piddle with 2 Westies & a lovely little Rumanian rescue named "Poppy", who was dumped in a drain in Rumania & left to drown! It amazes me that these ever trusting dogs have so much unconditional love to give the  human race!

Cat Visiting Service

Paws4Thought Cat Visiting Service  saves your Cats the trauma of travel.   Prices start from as little as  £10 per visit. Call 07745581399 to book.

Some photos of the Pets looked after in 2017

Titus relaxing in the sunshine

Romeo contemplating! 

Frankie posing for me

Frog "butter wouldn't melt! "

Tess is a regular!

Julie languishing at home in Malvern 

Become a House Sitter

I am looking for some special people who would like to join the Paws4Thought Pet Sitting Team. If you love animals & are interested in House Sitting,,  please contact Jane on 07745581399 or email & I will discuss more details with you. 

House Sitting in Malvern

We are house sitting in Malvern this week taking care of 2 little French Bulldogs, "Romeo" & "Julie"(not "Juliet"), but a pair of sweethearts, anyway!!!

Doggy Day Sitting

Here in Astley for a doggy Daycare sit with Molly, Betsy & Woody, should have come by boat, instead of car, today! Still, I got a lovely greeting from all three, we look after them regularly,  which is great

Full House Sitting Service

I've noticed that the majority of local pet sitters only visit periodically, or just stay over night. A few times this year customers have said that I under charge for the full house sitting service! I suppose I do when it's compared with some larger companies who charge between £48 & £70 per day!