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The following were written in thankyou cards from past clients, and also existing ones, and we wish to thank Angela, Jan & Glyn for their thoughtfulness.
This is "Earl" we Cat Visited, on numerous occasions, for Jess, Earl and Miss Kitty. Angela wrote the following:-
"A Big Thankyou for everything.  Coping, from Cat sick to dead animals! (and live ones). You've really looked after Jess, Earl & Kitty, which gives me comfort when I go away, & means I can, without worry.  I could never have moved & taken on this job in Manchester without you. Thanks for everything & Best Wishes for your future, lots of love,
Angela, Jess, Earl & Kitty (we will all miss you) x"
This next testimonial is from Jan, we regularly House Sit and do daily visits when she's at work.  These  are  2 very special "rescue" Jack Russells, "Bengy" and "Total", we love them dearly, they are so full of fun!.
"Dear Jane,
This is Tote, a rescue Jack Russel, with a character as big as a Rotti!Paws 4 Thought Dog Visited, & provided the Dog Walking Service, as well as the Paws 4 Thought House Sitting Service.It's hard to live without you, Bengy & Total just do not cope!
Thanks for all you do for us.  It's appreciated, love Dave & Janet.
This is Benge, the other part of the duo
PS If you ever need a reference, you know mine will be top notch!x "
Finally, this is from Max's owner, Glyn.  She contacted me in January 2009 and had just had a black puppy Labrador.  Due to working long hours Max needed puppy visits, and once he had had all of his injections, we walked him on a daily basis, until he "grew up" and got out of the chewing stage!.
"Thank you both very much for taking care of me end helping to teach me how I should behave!.
I have really enjoyed your company and the walks we have had, and I am going to miss you, with love from Max".
Meet Max, we puppy visited Max for a pup until he was adult enought not to rearrange his mums kitchen!